Student Group on English Study Holiday visiting the Dublin coastline

During the spring and autumn, DLTC English Language School provides Group English Study Weeks to groups of students from secondary schools around Europe and the World who want to come to Ireland to learn English and enjoy a cultural experience. Our study holidays combine English classes, accommodation, and an exciting mix of leisure, cultural, and sightseeing activities and excursions. The English classes can focus on English for Cambridge exams, English for work purposes or on Irish culture and general youth-oriented topics and students typically stay with Irish host-families.

  • Age Groups: 12-20 years of age
  • Location: Dun Laoghaire (Dublin, East coast Ireland)
  • Availability: September-November and February-June each year

Typical Package for Group English Study Weeks

  • Personal meet and greet at Dublin airport with group transfers;
  • Accommodation:
    • 6/7/13/14 night stays
    • including all meals
    • with carefully selected Irish host families
    • within 5-25 minutes of course centre;
  • English lessons:
    • 15+ hours per week
    • with qualified and experienced native-speaking teachers..
    • on relevant and interesting topics
    • that are focused to develop students’ fluency
    • or cover any aspect of English required (work, catering, exams, literature)
  • Optional Activities & Excursions
    • fun, exciting and interesting activities and excursions that can be tailor-made to any budget;
    • optional 1/2/3 night tours of Ireland;
  • Local transport ticket for use in the Dublin area
English Study Holidays in Ireland for School Groups

The Group English Study Weeks are aimed at groups of students from second-level schools around the world who are aged between 12-18 years of age and who wish to learn or improve their English and enjoy a unique social and cultural experience in Ireland at the same time. We welcome groups with a minimum size of 15 up to a maximum of 55.

Group English Study Weeks are available anytime between March and June and between September to November each year.

For requirements between end of June and end of August each year, please see our Summer Junior English with Activities Programme which is available to individuals and groups.

In order to ensure that students, parents, and group leaders are as happy and relaxed as possible, we provide:

  • A customised activity and class programme organised well in advance of arrival to suit the groups needs and budget
  • personal meeting between the course director and group leaders on arrival and during the course in order to answer questions and assist with issues arising
  • 24-hour school contact number (for group leaders, parents, students, and host families)
  • A feedback form each week to check satisfaction with class, accommodation, meals, and general contentment
  • personalised welcome pack on arrival for students and leaders
  • personalized online level test before arrival (if required)
  • individual speaking assessment on first morning at school (if required)

About the English Classes

While all of our group courses and study holidays can be customised, we typically provide:

  • 20 classes (15 hours) of English classes per week (Monday-Friday mornings) with options of 20 and 25 hours per week available.
  • Experienced, native-speaking English teachers (qualified to Irish Department of Education standards)
  • Online assessment test before arrival
  • A focus on fun, current, relevant and interesting social, cultural and historical topics with special focus on getting students ‘speaking’ and using the language successfully by focusing on presentations and topics relevant to the student
  • We can also focus on exam preparation such as Cambridge First for Schools etc, or on general preparation for the world of work (CVs, Interviews, presentation skills); or on specific vocational English language (for Catering, Tourism etc).
  • Maximum class sizes of 15 students per class
  • Content adapted to class levels and needs
  • All course materials are included
  • Weekly monitoring of progress (for stays of longer than 1 week)
  • A short piece of homework each week – this can involve getting students to prepare a presentation for class based on information they must find out from their host families or from other native-speakers of English and which is designed to help them exercise their English outside of class
  • End-of-course Certificate

Typical Class Schedule & Contents

09:15-10:45Introductions, Assessments (formal/informal), team building activities, speaking activities
11:00-12:30Preview of this afternoon’s activity/excursion with pre-teaching of vocabulary
Preparation of small presentation by students on some aspect of their hometown / country (music, sport, culture etc).
Assignment of projects (in pairs) on some aspect of Ireland (culture, food, sport, music etc) which students will have to present at the end of the week
  • Review of yesterday’s class and afternoon activity
  • General English Class focusing on some aspect of grammar or language identified by teacher for extra work.
  • Fluency and Speaking Activities (games, quizzes, debates)
  • Preview of the afternoon’s activity/excursion with pre-teaching of vocabulary & language required
  • Investigation and Discussion of some Cultural, Social, Current Affairs topic
  • Traditional Irish song
09:15-10:45General English Class
11:00-12:30Review of the week and Presentations by students on their topic for the week.

We Focus on Speaking!

At DLTC English Language School, we believe you haven’t really learned a language until you can speak it. While our classes will cover some grammar, writing, listening and reading, in general, our main focus is getting you to speak and giving you the confidence to speak in English. We do this by focusing on relevant, real-world topics that are of interest to you and matched to your level. Our aim is that at the end of the course you will be able to talk about your experience in Ireland and will depart with better fluency, increased vocabulary and a greater confidence to speak English.

Location of Classes

The English classes takes place in one of the various course centres we have in Dun Laoghaire (pronounced like ‘danliri’).

Dun Laoghaire is a beautiful seaside town and is part of Dublin. It is an ideal base for teenage groups as it is near enough to the city centre to be able explore there every day and yet far enough away so that students do not have to walk around the city centre late at night.

Dun Laoghaire has lots of transport links so Dublin city centre is only 20 minutes away to the north and the beautiful Irish landscapes of Wicklow are only 20 minutes away to the south.

The centre of Dun Laoghaire has the size and atmosphere of a large village and yet it has all the amenities of medium-sized town with shopping centres, cinema, cafes, library etc

It is well-known as being a very safe, picturesque and generally up-market part of Dublin. It is a very residential area and so most of our host-families are within a 5-25 minute walk of the course centre

Stay with Irish families

At DLTC Language school Ireland, we provide accommodation for groups on English study holidays with local Irish families. It’s a great way for students to practise speaking English and to gain a real cultural experience by discovering what life is like in an Irish home. Irish host families are very welcoming. They take a great interest in their guests and often include the student in the family activities. Our students often comment how they feel at home and like one of the family!

What you can expect:

  • A welcoming and caring Irish host family that are carefully selected and visited regularly by course director
  • The option of full-board (3 meals) or half-board (2 meals) accommodation with healthy meals each day:
    • Breakfast: cereals, toast, fruit, tea/coffee/juice
    • Packed-lunch: fruit, sandwich, drink, crisps/bar
    • Dinner: pasta/rice/potatoes with meat and vegetables/salad with dessert
    • Vegetarian families are available. Special dietary needs (coeliac etc) can be catered for on request (costs may apply)
  • Homes generally within 5-25 minute of the school (no need to travel in and out of Dublin city centre each day)
  • Homes in safe, residential areas (no need to worry about students being placed in a busy city centre)
  • Wide range of families which are matched to students’ needs
  • Only one student of any mother-tongue in each house unless groups request otherwise
  • Younger students placed closer to the school
  • Family will show student how to go to and from school
  • Details of family (including address, telephone numbers, names, ages and interests of the families) to be provided 3 weeks before arrival
Host family for English course students

Group Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals and departures for our Group English Study Holidays can be on any day of the week. Group Airport transfers are typically included in our standard programme for groups. Here’s what we offer to do:

  • meet the group personally in the Arrivals hall of Dublin airport
  • bring the group by private bus to meet their host families
  • provide a welcome pack which contains school ID card, local bus & train travel pass, local maps, school and family contact numbers, notepad and pen
  • meet with group leaders on the first day and during the course to answer questions and assist with issues and to provide everything needed by leaders for your activity programme
  • bring the group on departure by private bus from the course centre to Dublin Airport 

(Please note an additional charge may be applied by bus company for group airport transfers that take place during the hours 11pm-6am)

Activities & Excursions

«Quality, Adventurous, Fun-Filled, and Great Value»

Groups may choose to have us organise an activity & excursions programme for the duration of their stay and we can work with you to provide a programme that suits the preferences and the budget of your group. These programmes generally need to be planned and booked well in advance of arrival in order to ensure availability.

TYPICAL WEEKLY ACTIVITY PROGRAMME for a group English study holiday can include:

  • 5 afternoon activities;
  • 2 evenings
  • 1 full-day excursion.

We understand that BUDGET IS IMPORTANT:

* we only charge you the cost of the activities – NO BOOKING FEES
* you can decide to have as many or as few activities as you want
* you can even choose to organise your activity programme yourself
* typical activity budgets are between 35-90euro per student per week


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These could include any of the following options or possibly a mixture of them:

  • The West of Ireland – Atlantic Coast, Cliffs, Farms, Castles, Music and Sport. The Cliffs of Moher are probably the most famous tourist site in Ireland. Thanks to new motorways, it is now possible to visit the Cliffs from Dublin in one day. Highly recommended day trip! (also possible as overnight tour)
  • Glendalough and Outdoor Adventure Activities. Spend half the day in the Wicklow Mountains National Park at Glendalough, famous for its natural beauty and ancient history (as described above) and then spend the other half at an outdoor adventure activity centre.
  • Glendalough and Kilkenny Castle. Spend half the day in the Wicklow Mountains National Park at Glendalough, famous for its natural beauty and ancient history (as described above) and then spend the other half at the medieval city of Kilkenny with a tour of its famous castle.
  • Please contact us at for full list of excursion options or download our Group English Study Holidays brochure for some more ideas. 
  • Croke Park Stadium and GAA Museum. Croke Park is the national home of the unique and traditional Irish sports of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie. The GAA Museum and stadium (80,000 seats!) tour offers a brilliant insight into the significance of these games in Irelan
  • GAA Sport – Gaelic Football Session. This is a great afternoon activity to choose particularly if the group has visited Croke Park and the GAA Museum. A top coach from a local GAA club will teach the students the rules and skills necessary to play the traditional sport of Gaelic Football. Highly recommended!
  • Guided Walking Tour of Dublin City. Be guided with stories through the history and culture of Dublin city with the best tour guides in the city.
  • Museums, Castles and Galleries
  • Please contact us at for full list of activity options or download our Group English Study Holidays brochure for some more ideas. 
  • Traditional Irish Dancing. We’re very fortunate at DLTC to have the national headquarters of traditional Irish music within a 20 minute walk of our course centre.  On Friday nights, students will learn some traditional dances and take part in a full ceilí (Irish dance session).
  • Bowling & Lazertag. An evening of bowling, lazertag and other arcade games.
  • Please contact us at for full list of evening activity options or download our Group English Study Holidays brochure for some more ideas.

Add a 1 or 2 night excursion to the West of Ireland and the Aran Islands If you are interested, we can organise overnight excursions to the west of Ireland which can be added on to the start or end of your stay. The excursion is by private bus with the driver as tour guide.  The accommodation is in hostel dorms and we can help you choose and book all your visits along the way: Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands, Connemara National Park etc. Please contact us at for full list of  overnight excursion options or download our Group English Study Holidays brochure for some more ideas.

How to Choose your Activity Programme

Ask us for the complete list of activities we can provide. Choose your activities and excursions from our list and send us your choices along with the approx. number of students and ages to We will respond with a price for that programme – we charge no extra fees for this or for booking your activity programme! If you are interested in activities or excursions not listed here, let us know and we will price them for you.

Booking Group English Study Weeks with DLTC

The DLTC welcomes groups from schools, private academies, travel organisations, and individual organisers. Send us an email to with your details (name, type of organisation, address, telephone number) and your requirements (dates, size of group, preferences etc). We will contact you directly to discuss your requirements and to provide the best possible quote.

Once the requirements and price have been agreed, we will send you a booking spreadsheet for the details of all students and leaders including their accommodation sharing preferences, dietary needs, allergies etc. We will also send you a booking agreement. When we receive the booking agreement from you, we will issue an invoice and a deposit of 25% of the total must be made to secure the booking.

Three weeks before arrival date, we will send you arrival information and host family details and the remaining balance of 75% of the total must be paid.

Contact Us

Call us or email us with questions, to arrange a visit or to book:

COVID-19 Notice: Please note that DLTC takes its commitment to the health and safety of its students, staff and partners very seriously. DLTC follows all Irish government guidelines and restrictions related to COVID-19. While COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions continue to be issued by governments and health authorities around the world, DLTC may not be in a position to fulfil the programs as described here. DLTC may be required to alter programs at short notice. DLTC will do its best to be flexible and provide alternatives when required but cannot be held responsible or liable for any changes or losses that are related to outbreaks of COVID-19 or restrictions imposed.