DLTC is an English language school based in Dublin, Ireland, and has been providing English language courses to foreign students since 2002. We specialise in providing courses with cultural, sporting, sightseeing and activity programmes to foreign teenagers and adolescents – coming to our courses either as individuals or as groups.

The DLTC English Language School is motivated by a very practical sense of learning. We believe that you haven’t really ‘learned’ a language until you can speak it successfully. For that reason the main focus of all our courses is to get students to ‘speak’ English. Many students arrive on our courses knowing how to answer grammar questions but are not able to talk about themselves or their ideas. For that reason we spend as much class time as possible getting students to talk and getting students to talk about topics that are relevant and interesting to them. We believe that if a topic is not interesting or relevant, students won’t want to talk; and if they don’t want to talk, then they’ll never learn to speak the language.

During the summer, the DLTC English Language School offers our Summer Junior English & Activity programmes in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) and Clare (Atlantic West Coast of Ireland). These are hugely popular programmes and we have been operating them since 2003. On these programmes, we welcome private individual students – who travel on their own or with friends – as well as larger groups of teenagers from language schools, secondary schools, and other youth organisations in any country.

In July and August, we also offer English and Activity programmes for adults (aged 18 or over) at our separate adult centre which is also in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin, Ireland).

During the spring and autumn, DLTC English Language School welcomes groups from secondary schools around Europe and the World who want to spend a study week in Ireland. We provide an English language course to suit the needs of the group; accommodation and meals with an Irish host family; transfer service to and from Dublin airport; and an activity programme specifically designed according to the wishes and budget of the group so that they can enjoy the famous sights and entertainment activities that Dublin and Ireland has to offer.