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Each summer, the DLTC English Language School (Ireland) offers an exciting programme of English classes and extracurricular activities and excursions to foreign teenagers who want to learn English in Ireland.  We offer our these Summer Junior English courses in 2 fantastic locations: Dun Laoghaire (Dublin – capital city and East Coast of Ireland); and Clare (West Coast of Ireland). We are a family-run business and we provide a very personal service to each student – taking great care to ensure that students are safe, relaxed and enjoying themselves throughout their stay. As part of our standard packages, DLTC will:

  • meet the student at the airport in Ireland;
  • place the student in accommodation with an Irish family;
  • place the student in English classes appropriate to their level of English;
  • integrate the student with other students;
  • provide the student with a diverse range of interesting, fun and challenging activities;
  • monitor progress and contentment;
  • and finally return the student to the check-in and security gates at the Airport in Ireland for departure
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Brochure Cover of Summer Junior English Course in Dublin
Summer Junior English Course Dublin
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The programme is aimed at students from around the world between the ages of 12-17 years who wish to learn or improve their English and enjoy a holiday in Ireland at the same time. We welcome individual students arriving on their own as well as groups of up to 50 students at a time.

It’s important when comparing and choosing schools to know what is included in the price and what is not. Our comprehensive package includes all of the following:

  • English Classes (Monday-Friday 09:00-12:15)
  • Airport Arrival and Departure service
  • Accommodation + all meals (with Irish host family)
  • Weekly Activity Programme (sports, entertainment and sightseeing)
  • Assessment Tests
  • Course Certificate plus detailed report and suggestions for further learning
  • Local Bus & Train pass (Dun Laoghaire) / Private Bus Service (Clare)
  • 24-hour school contact number

We can also provide tailor-made packages for groups – contact us for more information on this.

In order to ensure that students and parents are as happy and relaxed as possible, we provide:

  • 24-hour school contact number (for parents, students, and host families)
  • A feedback form each week to check satisfaction with class, accommodation, meals, and general contentment
  • personalised welcome pack on arrival
  • personalized online level test before arrival
  • individual speaking assessment on first morning at school
  • active introductions to other students on the first morning so no student feels isolated
  • Students will again have the opportunity to meet Irish teenagers who will join in their classes and activities for set periods each week – an opportunity to make local friends, connect with peers, practice English and discover Irish youth culture.
  • lots of activities different from those in 2022 and 2023 so students won’t repeat the same ones
  • new excursions to different parts of Ireland
  • new class materials and technology
  • New optional Cambridge First for Schools (FCE) or Cambridge Advanced (CAE) classes. All the same quality and with the same host-family/activities/transport options but a total of 18 hours classes per week focussed on passing the Cambridge First or Advanced exams – plus students can choose to sit their exam in Dublin at the end of their English course in July. See our Summer Junior Cambridge English course.

The English Classes

We provide to all our English course students:

  • 15 hours of General English classes per week (Monday-Friday 09:00-12:15). For a more intensive Cambridge exam preparation course, see Summer Junior Cambridge English course.
  • Experienced, native-speaking English teachers (qualified to Irish Department of Education standards)
  • 6 levels of English classes from Beginners (A1) to Advanced (C1)
  • Online assessment test before arrival and personal oral test on first day
  • ‘Meet your Peers’ – new feature !– meet and work with Irish teenagers for a period each week in the classroom
  • Special focus on getting students ‘speaking’ and using the language successfully by focusing on topics relevant to the student
  • Average class sizes of 12 students per class (Maximum 15) in Dun Laoghaire / 10 students per class (Maximum 15) in Clare
  • Use of all course materials and modern, interactive, classroom technology
  • Weekly progress test
  • Intensive course option for those who are interested in studying for the Cambridge FCE or CAE exams with the option of sitting the exams in Dublin in July. See Summer Junior Cambridge Exam courses.
  • A short piece of homework most days – this can involve getting students to find out information from their host families or some other task designed to exercise their English outside of class
  • End-of-course Certificate; Statement of Results; personal recommendations for further study.

09:00-10:30 Introductions, Oral Assessments, team building activities, speaking activities
10:45-12:15 General English Class
09:00-10:30 General English Class (homework correction, grammar, Exam Skills module, language topics, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing exercises)
10:45-12:15 Speaking Activities / introduction and review of worksheets related to afternoon activities / Project Work / Meet your Peers / Progress Test on Thursday
09:00-10:30 General English Class
10:45-12:15 Review of the week, activity worksheets, debates

Courses Locations (Options)

DLTC has two different course locations for our Summer Junior English Courses for Teenagers with very distinctive characteristics:

Our original centre is in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) and is an ideal location for students who want to explore the capital city and east coast of Ireland and its surrounding areas. Here, the course centre and host families are all located in an urban setting and students mostly move around by public transport or on foot.

  • Dun Laoghaire is a very beautiful seaside town and is well-known as being a very safe and upmarket part of Dublin. The town centre is small, safe and easy for young students to find their way around. It also has plenty of amenities with shopping centres, cinema, cafes, library etc
  • Classes take place in a purpose-built national school on Tivoli Road in Dun Laoghaire (not at our offices!). The school is 5 minute walk from the centre of Dun Laoghaire and has all the facilities and recreation amenities of a typical school.
  • Dun Laoghaire is an ideal base from which to explore the Dublin region. Dublin city centre is only 20 minutes away in one direction and the beautiful natural landscapes of Wicklow 20 minutes away in the other direction
  • Host families are all located within the Dun Laoghaire area within 10-30 minutes of the school. See Summer Junior English Courses Accommodation below.

Our newest centre is in Ennistimon in County Clare and is located near to the world-famous Cliffs of Moher on the famously-beautiful West coast of Ireland. Here the course centre and host families are all located in a rural setting and students travel around by private bus.

  • The local area is one of outstanding natural beauty with many Unesco Heritage sites nearby including Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands, Burren National Park, Connemara, Galway City, Bunratty and much more
  • The school is very near the popular surfing beaches of Spanish Point & Lahinch, the world-famous Cliffs of Moher, and the colourful town of Ennistymon
  • Classes take place in the local secondary school which has all the usual facilities of a modern school
  • It is generally a rural area that is very safe, peaceful and picturesque
  • It is a very traditional part of Ireland with traditional music, sports and food all alive and well and part of the student experience.
  • Host families are located around the local area – some in local towns and villages and some out in the countryside on farms or rural homes. We provide a private bus service to bring students to and from school and activities each day.
  • Here students will have the chance to experience the natural beauty of Ireland, the sports, outdoor adventure, the friendliness of the people, the music, the traditions and wonderful home-cooked food!


Dun Laoghaire (Dublin)Clare (West Coast of Ireland)
› Same high quality of teaching, organization, and homestay families in both centres
› Max Class Size 15 students› Max Class Size 15 students
› More Urban Experience› More Rural Experience
› Host families in urban residential areas› Host families in rural villages and countryside
› Typically smaller families› Typically larger families
› Students travel on foot or by public transport› Students travel by private school bus
› More interaction with other foreign students› More interaction with host families & locals
› More opportunties to explore Dublin› More opportunities to explore outdoors, tradition and adventure
› great introduction to the main tourist and cultural attractions of Ireland› more unique experience of an Ireland that is less known, traditional and outstandingly beautiful.


Accommodation (with an Irish Host Family)

At DLTC English Language school, students can choose to stay with a local Irish host family. This is a great way to practice speaking English and to discover what life is like in an Irish home. Irish host families are very welcoming and our students often comment how they feel at home and like one of the family!

What you can expect:

  • A welcoming and caring Irish host family that is carefully selected and visited by accommodation manager
  • Three healthy meals each day:
    • Breakfast: cereals, toast, fruit, tea/coffee/juice
    • Packed-lunch: fruit, sandwich, drink, crisps/bar
    • Dinner: pasta/rice/potatoes with meat and vegetables/salad with dessert
    • Vegetarian families are available and special dietary needs (coeliac etc) can be catered for (additional costs apply)
  • Wide range of families which are matched to students’ needs
  • Students aged 13-17 years (at time of the course start): only one student of a particular mother-tongue in each house unless you request otherwise (maximum 3 students per house)
  • Students aged 12 years (at the time of the course start): we require students of this age to share their home with another student of the same nationality/mother-tongue – this helps avoid problems of home-sickness, shyness and anxiety in younger students and encourages them to spend more time at home where they could interact more with the host family. (maximum 3 students per house)
  • Laundry once a week
  • Host family details (including address, telephone numbers, names, ages and interests of the families) to be provided 3 weeks before arrival
  • Host family will show student how to go to and from school on first day.
Host Family Accommodation
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Families in Dun Laoghaire have a long tradition of accommodating students in the summertime and are very experienced with our programmes
  • This homestay is very much an urban experience
  • Homes are all within 10-30 minutes of the school in safe, residential areas
  • Students travel to and from their host families each day on public transport (or on foot bepending on distance to school) and it is very safe, normal and easy to do so. Host families show students the best and safest way to travel.
Helpful Tip: If your child has never used public transport before, we suggest you give him/her a little experience of it in your own country before coming to Ireland – it will help with any worry that you or your child may feel. Also if this is your child’s first time abroad like this, it helps to reassure them that homes, people and customs will be different to what they are accustomed to and that learning to adapt to these things is part of the experience.

Family traditions are very strong in the west of Ireland and host-families are delighted to welcome students into their home and to include them in their family activities.

  • This homestay is very much a rural experience
  • Homes are all in local towns or villages or in the countryside. Students can ask to stay in a village/town or out in the Irish countryside – many students are delighted to find themselves living on typical Irish farm! (Students who want to stay in a more rural location may also choose to have a friend stay with them in order to feel more comfortable.)
  • A private bus service brings students to and from home each day

Arrival and Departure >>

Our aim at DLTC Language School is to take great care of our students and so private airport transfers to and from airports are included in our comprehensive package. Here’s what we do:
  • meet the student personally in the Arrivals hall of the airport (Shannon or Dublin .. see below)
  • sign for student on arrival if travelling with airline as an Unaccompanied Minor
  • bring the student by private car to their host family and introduce them
  • provide a welcome pack which contains school ID card, local bus & train travel pass, local maps, school and family contact numbers, notepad and pen
  • on departure collect the student by private car from host family
  • bring the student to the airline check-in desk and the security gates for departure
  • sign for the student at the airport check-in desk if required by airline or if traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor (extra fee applies in both cases as driver is required to wait at airport until flight departs or until air stewards take charge – see booking form for current charges)
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  • All students attending our course in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) must fly into Dublin airport
  • Students can generally arrive 1 or 2 days before the start of the course.
  • Accommodation is provided on a weekly basis so students will generally leave on the same day of the week they arrive (additional nights are possible for an extra fee)


  • Students attending our West coast course in Clare may fly into Shannon or Dublin Airport.
  • Dublin airport is approximately 4 hours from Clare – so students arriving into Dublin airport for our course in Clare must arrive on Sunday between 7am and 5pm ; and, for greater comfort on departure, we suggest flights from Dublin should be between 1pm and midnight.
  • Students arriving into Shannon airport for our course in Clare can arrive on the Saturday or Sunday before the start of their course. (between 8am and 10pm).
  • It is possible to arrive and depart on other days but additional charges may apply. Accommodation is provided on a weekly basis so students will generally leave on the same day of the week they arrive.

Student groups (10 or more students) are met on arrival at airport in the arrivals hall and are taken by private bus to a meeting point where the students are introduced to their host families. Similarly on departure families bring their student(s) to a meeting point for departure by private bus to the airport. Groups attending Dublin course should use Dublin Airport. Whereas groups attending Clare can use either Dublin or Shannon airports, although cost of transfer from Shannon will be cheaper.

Activity Programmes

“High-quality, adventurous and fun-filled”

When comparing prices with other schools, remember that we have included in our fees a high quality and exciting activity programme with our standard programmes SJA and SJB – e.g. Lazertag, climbing, zipline, archery, West of Ireland, Galway, Kilkenny etc

Students attending our summer junior English course can choose to take part in our comprehensive activity programmes. We offer Mixed Activity Programmes in both of our centres in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) and Clare (West Coast of Ireland) and a sailing activity programme in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin).

Mixed Activity Programme – Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) >

A full activity programme is included in our comprehensive Summer Junior English Courses package (SJA/SJB). Each week it includes:

    • 5 afternoon activities
    • 2/3 evenings
    • 1 full-day excursion
    • The activities include a balance of sports, entertainment, adventure and cultural visits
  • Groups of 15 or more can request specific or additional activity programmes
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Afternoon Sports, Music, Art, Games and Cooking and Dance – with opportunity to interact with Irish teenagers
Afternoon Dublin city centre & Dublinia Viking Exhibition
Evening Karaoke Night / Scavenger Hunt
Afternoon Bowling, Lazer-tag or Crazy-Golf
Evening Table Quiz
Afternoon Trinity College Science Centre
Evening Weekly International Disco
Afternoon Local summer festival / shopping
All day Day tour by private bus to Wicklow National Park Boyne Valley or Galway or Athlone Town and the Shannon river or Adventure centre with climbing / Kayaking / surfing / ziplining / farm activities
Entertainment & Fun
 Bowling, Lazer-tag, Crazy golf, Escape Rooms, Weekly Student Disco, Karaoke, Irish Dance, Local Summer Festivals
Sports, Cooking, Games, Dance and Art
 Football, Cooking, Basketball, Zumba Dance, Hockey, Gaelic Sports, Swimming, Badminton, Hula Hoop, Tug-o-war, Dodge Ball, Art, Crafts, Tag Rugby
 Dublin city centre tours, Dublin castle, Malahide Castle, Dublin city hall, National Museums, Glendalough, Phoenix Park, Trinity College
Excursions & Day-tours

Private bus tours: Glendalough; Wicklow Mountains National Park; Galway City; Athlone Town; Wexford; Kilkenny; Boyne Valley; Outdoor Adventure centres with climbing, orienteering, ziplining; Traditional working farms with Irish music, dance, sports and adventure activities; Fun parks with lazer-tag and archery; Watersports with Kayaking / Sailing / Surfing

Mixed Activity Programme – Clare (West Coast of Ireland) >

A two-week on our Summer Junior English Courses in Clare (West of Ireland) includes a mixed balance of sports, entertainment, adventure and cultural visits with:

  • 10 afternoon activities;
  • 4 evenings
  • 2 full-day excursions
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AfternoonCeltic Art & Cooking
EveningBeach Meet-up
AfternoonGaelic Football
AfternoonSightseeing & Shopping
EveningBowling & Burger Night
AfternoonIrish dancing
All dayDay tour by private bus to Galway City 
 Family Day
AfternoonCliffs of Moher
EveningCeilí (Traditional Dance)
AfternoonCeltic Drumming
AfternoonSightseeing & Shopping
EveningBowling & Lazertag + Dinner out
All dayDay tour to Aran Islands by Ferry with Bicycles

Adventure & Entertainment


Climbing, Kayaking, Archery, Bowling, Lazertag, Surfing

Sports, Cooking, Games, Dance and Art
 Football, Cooking, Gaelic Sports, Swimming, Basketball, Tug-o-war, Art, Crafts, Drumming, Dance
 Cliffs of Moher, Burren National Park, Bunratty Folk Park, Aran Islands, Galway City, Connemara
Excursions & Day-tours

Private bus tours: Cliffs of Moher, Burren National Park, Bunratty Folk Park, Aran Islands, Galway City, Connemara with cycling, canoeing, zip-lines and other activities

Dates and Prices

When comparing our prices with other schools, remember that we include all booking fees, registrations fees, standard airport transfers and local travel / local travel tickets in the prices of our comprehensive SJA programmes (no hidden extras at DLTC!)
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Dates in Dun Laoghaire:

  • Summer Junior English Courses are available in Dun Laoghaire between Monday 03/07/2023 and Saturday 05/08/2023
  • Minimum stay 2 weeks
  • Students should arrive at accommodation on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before starting course on Monday.

Prices in Dun Laoghaire:

2 Weeks (14 nights)€1763€1007€545
3 Weeks (21 nights)€2529€1507€838
4 Weeks (28 nights)€3296€2008€1134
5 Weeks (35 nights)€4058€2506€1424
6 Weeks (42 nights)   
Comparing prices with other schools? Here’s what we include:SJA-DLSJB-DLSJC-DL
Classes (15 hours per week)

Family Accommodation (includes all meals)

Airport Transfers (to and from airport)

Activities (5 afternoons & 2/3 evenings per week)

Saturday Excursion – full-day

Bus & Train Travel Ticket

Welcome Pack

Course Report and Certificate

Course Materials

24-hour Emergency Phone Number

No extra registration fee!!

Dates in Clare:

  • The Summer Junior English courses in Clare (West Coast of Ireland) are available as two week (14 night) stays:
    • 11th July to 23rd July 2022
  • Minimum & Maximum stay 2 weeks
  • Students should arrive on Sunday but can arrive on Saturday. An additional charge of 50euro applies to arrivals or departures for the Clare course that are not on a Sunday.
  • Group prices and dates (groups of 10+) / agent prices available on request

Prices in Clare:

Course Code:SJA-CL
2 Weeks (14 nights) via Shannon Airport€TBC
2 Weeks (14 nights) via Dublin Airport€TBC
3 weeks (21 nights)
(2 weeks in Clare + 1 week in Dublin SJA-DL)
4 weeks (28 nights)
(2 weeks in Clare + 2 weeks in Dublin SJA-DL)
Comparing prices with other schools? Here’s what we include: 
Classes (15 hours per week)

Family Accommodation (includes all meals)

Airport Transfers (to and from airport)

Activities (10 afternoons & 3 evenings per 2 weeks)

2 full-day excursions per 2 weeks

Private bus or transport to and from school each day

Welcome Pack

Course Report and Certificate

Course Materials

24-hour Emergency Phone Number
No extra registration fee!!

Summer Junior English Courses – Special Offers

Visit our special offers page now >>

How to Book our Summer Junior English Courses

Individuals & Small Groups

  1. Send us an email to info@dltc.ie and we will send you a booking form by email.
  2. Complete the Summer Junior English Courses booking form and send it back to us to info@dltc.ie. (on the booking form you can indicate preferences regarding accommodation)
  3. We will confirm usually within 24 hours and send you an invoice with bank details.
  4. 25% of the total should be paid by bank transfer within 10 working days to reserve place.
  5. The remaining 75% must be paid within 3 weeks of the start of the course
  6. 3 weeks before arrival we will send you details for arrival including: details of host family, airport arrival and transfers information, finalised activity schedule.

Or just leave us your email address here and we’ll reply with all the details:

Groups of 10+ Students

The DLTC welcomes groups from schools, private academies, travel organisations, and individual organisers. Send us an email to info@dltc.ie with your details (name, type of organisation, address, telephone number) and your requirements (dates, size of group, preferences etc). We will contact you directly to provide the best possible quote based on your needs.