Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1.0. DLTC: Dun Laoghaire Tuition Centre Ltd

1.1. Course: language course and/or activity program and/or accommodation supplied by DLTC.

1.2. Fee: The amount of money charged by DLTC for student’s attendance on course.

1.3. Us/Our/We: DLTC

1.4. Student: Any person booked to attend a Course.

1.5. You/Your: Any person who books Courses with DLTC on behalf of Student(s).

2. General Booking Conditions
  1. Courses can be booked by payment of 200euro deposit. The balance of fees must be paid not later than 3 weeks before the course start date. All optional extras (e.g. accommodation, travel commuter ticket, insurance, airport transfer) must be paid with the balance of fees.
  2. For students who require letters of acceptance or invitation to enter the country, the full course fees must be paid before a letter of acceptance can be supplied. Visas should be applied for at least 12 weeks before course start.
  3. Payment is by bank transfer. Please note bank transfers can take up to 3 days to process. For transfers made from outside the EU, the Student must pay all bank charges – those of the student’s own bank (please ask your bank) and those of the DLTC’s bank (7.50euro for each transfer). Refunds can only be made to same bank account / account name of originating payment.
  4. You must write all of your requirements/requests on the booking form and not in separate emails/letters. Only information provided on the booking form is considered.
  5. You will receive course, arrival, and accommodation  information approximately 3 weeks before your course start date.
  6. While we do our best to place students in accommodation according to requests, the location and specification of accommodation is subject to availability and to change depending on the circumstances of the family providing the accommodation.
  7. Any requests for changes to a booking made after 3 weeks before the course start (including changes in accommodation requests) may be subject to a charge of 40euro for each change requested.
  8. No booking is final until all fees have been paid and DLTC has sent email confirmation of receipt.
  9. The DLTC is closed for all national and public holidays. There is no reduction in fees or discounts for these days but students will be offered an activity/excursion instead.
  10. Students who avail of a special offers/discount may avail of only one special offer/discount with any one booking.
  11. Course take place at the Mounttown Community Facility, Mounttown, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. The school reserves the right to move course to other locations within the Dun Laoghaire area.
  12. Accommodation is generally charged per full week. Additional nights where required are charged 35euro per night full-board homestay; and 30euro per night half-board.
  13. Please note that full-board accommodation is the best value option. If  you choose half-board accommodation, you are expected to provide your own lunch and not to expect additional food at breakfast or dinner. Typical meals when included in accommodation:
    1. Breakfast: cereal / fruit with toast and tea/coffee
    1. Lunch: Sandwich (ham/cheese/tuna with salad), Fruit/Yogurt, Biscuit/Cake
    1. Dinner: Serving of Pasta/Rice/Potato with sauce; vegetables or salad ; Meat or Fish or Chicken; dessert (fruit/yogurt/cake), tea/coffee
3. Student cancellation Policy

Bookings that are cancelled before the start of the course, your deposit will be cancellation fee. Once course starts all payments are non-refundable. Each and any change to a course booking may be subject to an administration charge of €35. Registration fees and booking fees are non-refundable. There is no discount, reduction, or refund for arriving to a course late or finishing early. Course dates and participants are non-transferable. Cancellations must be received in writing/email and must be acknowledged by DLTC.

4. DLTC right to alter, cancel or change

DLTC reserves the right to alter, curtail or cancel course as a result of ‘force-majeure’ or otherwise. In this unlikely event, DLTC will offer similar alternative or full refund but is not liable for claims of compensation against costs incurred. DLTC reserves right to cancel arrangements without notice or refund if payment/booking conditions are not met. Refunds are made only to the person and bank account from which original payment was received. There are no refunds or alternatives offered for days missed, activities missed, late arrival or early departure. DLTC reserves the right to alter any prices at any time but you will only be charged prices current at time of payment of your course deposit.

5. Class sizes

We guarantee not to exceed maximum class sizes. Average class sizes are based on current working average and cannot be guaranteed at any time. All courses (except for private 1-1 classes) have a minimum required sized of 4 students per class – if student numbers, drop below that DLTC reserves the right to cancel a course or offer a more intensive course of fewer hours.

6. Insurance and Student Health

All Students should arrange to have their own travel and health insurance if required. We advise that EU students have a European Health Insurance Card (Form E-111). DLTC will not be liable for any costs or loss associated with medical problems.

The School reserves the right to refuse participation in the course without refund a student suffering from any dietary/medical condition, or mental/physical disability that is not disclosed on the Booking Form and which we have not explicitly confirmed acceptance of  in writing. We do our best to accept students with special requirements, but cannot guarantee being able to do so – where we can, extra charges may apply.

7. Liability

DLTC will not be held liable for theft,  loss, delay, variations in arrangements, damage, or injury to persons or property which might occur during a course. Students are liable for any damage caused by them or costs (including medical bills or phone charges etc) incurred by them while engaged in any part of our course (accommodation, at school or on activities etc). Payments for such damage or costs must be paid for by the student or by you immediately. For students who require airport transfers and whose arrival in airport meeting hall is delayed by 60 minutes or more after scheduled flight arrival, you may have to pay for waiting time for the driver at €15 after the first 75 minutes and €7.50 per each full half-hour thereafter.

8. Behaviour

DLTC reserves the right to terminate the course if the behaviour or conduct of the participant is not acceptable during the course. It will be the course manager’s and school director’s decisions as to what is acceptable behaviour. Such a decision may be appealed to the school board of directors.

9. Complaints Procedure

If, at any time during a course, a Student is unhappy with any aspect of the course, you or the Student may make a complaint to the Course Manager and complete a course evaluation form stating the complaint. If the Course Manager considers there are reasonable grounds for complaint, DLTC undertakes to rectify the situation immediately. If the complaint is not considered to be warranted, the Course Manager will inform You as to why and You may appeal to the school Managing Director or Board of Directors.  No complaint will be entertained after a course is finished if it was not lodged as described above .

10. Photography and Video Photography

DLTC may take photographs and videos during our courses which we may use for promotional purposes. We shall assume the consent of Students and their parents/guardians for the Students to appear in such promotional materials unless we have been otherwise informed in writing by you. The photos/videos will have no commercial or contractual value.

11. Data Protection and Personal Information

Data you provide to us in applying for this course is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and GDPR Data Protection Act in Ireland. We use it and share it for the purpose of performing our contract with you and for providing you with booking information, updates, and follow-ups about the course and the school. Policy: http://dltc.ie/policies/privacy/PrivacyPolicy.pdf .

12. Waiver 

No single/partial exercise of any right or remedy or failure/delay in exercising a right under these Terms shall prevent any further exercise of the right or remedy or the exercise of any other right or remedy.

13. Law & Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are the only terms and conditions that can be referred to in the event of disagreement. They shall not affect your statutory rights and shall be governed by the laws of Ireland.


Individuals and groups travelling to Ireland may cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival. If you need to cancel within 7 days of arrival we will offer a free postponement of course which will be valid until the end of 2022. No refunds will be given for stays cancelled within 7 days of arrival. For all other courses and students, courses will be moved online while physical premises are closed.