Course Overview

Our Summer Junior Cambridge English course is an intensive English course in Ireland for teenage students who wish to enjoy a study holiday and prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate or Advanced exams. Students have the options of sitting their Cambridge exam in Dublin at the end of their course. Students take part in our summer junior after-school leisure programme; and stay with a local host-family to help improve their spoken English. The full course is 4 weeks in duration with 24 classes per week (18 hours of tuition). Students may also attend for 2 weeks – either the first 2 weeks or last 2 weeks of July – without the option of sitting the exam.

Summer Junior Cambridge English Course Students

Course Aims

The aim of the English course is to provide secondary-level students with the opportunity to improve their English language skills and English exam skills and  achieve success in either Cambridge FCE or CAE exams. Students will also improve their spoken English language skills while staying with a local host-family and while enjoying tourism and recreational activities. Those students who begin the course at an appropriate level (assessment will take place in advance) will be prepared to sit their Cambridge English exam (FCE / CAE) either at the end of their course in Dublin or after returning to their home country.

Summer Junior Cambridge Course Format

English Classes

English classes will be presential and include the use of practice tests and coursebook units. The classes will involve:

Assessments • Exam skills. • Reading and Writing • Listening and Speaking. • Games and Speaking Activities • Exam Practice test • Consolidation + Reports

The complete English course will run over 72 hours over 4 weeks with a total of 24 classes per week or 18 tuition hours per week.

Accommodation, Local Travel Ticket & Airport Transfers

The students will stay with local host-families, have local unlimited bus & train travel passes and will have airport transfers in the same way as those attending our Summer Junior English with Activities courses.

Host family for English course students

Leisure Activity Programme

Students will take part in the leisure activity programme as described in our Summer Junior English with Activities Course except for the Sports & Art classes on Monday afternoon. Instead they will have additional exam skills class on that afternoon. Apart from that, students will take part in all other activities.

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Course Schedule

09:15-10:45 11:00-12:30 13:30-15:00 15:15-16:45 19:30-21:30


Classes Classes Classes





Activity Programme




Activity Programme




Activity Programme




Activity Programme


Activity Programme

Course Entry Requirements

These Cambridge exam preparation courses are designed to supplement or complement students’ previous study and, as such, students will have to prove a minimum level of English in order to enter the course – especially if the student intends to take a Cambridge exam in Dublin at the end of the course. Therefore, to ensure that students are offered a place on a course which is at the right level and appropriate to their learning needs, all applicants are assessed and advised prior to placement on the course.


  • Students must be aged between 12-17 years for FCE
  • Students must be aged between 15-17 years for CAE

Students intending to take the exam in Dublin:

  • For FCE level, student must be assessed to at least mid B2 level
  • For CAE level, student must be assessed to at least mid C1 level

Students not intending to take the exam in Dublin:

  • For FCE level, students must be assessed to at least a strong B1* level
  • For CAE level, students must be assessed to at least a strong B2 level

Note: DLTC can only arrange a Cambridge exam with our Cambridge exam partner in Dublin for students who attend the complete 4 week course.

* For more information on CEFR levels, see the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Summer Junior Cambridge Location

This course takes place at our DLTC Language School summer centre on Tivoli Road, Dun Laoghaire (Dublin). For more information see our Summer Junior English Courses with Activities page.

Course Attendance

As this is a junior English course for under-18s, students must attend all classes and activities except in the case of illness.


Course attendance certificate will be awarded by DLTC and, if the student sits and successfully passes their chosen Cambridge exam, a Cambridge English Assessment certification (FCE or CAE) will be awarded by Cambridge English Assessment. All students receive a report with guidance on what to focus on in order to help them successfully sit the exam.


The English course is structured to provide students with a high standard of training and assessment leading to a recognised English Language certification, via the Cambridge English Exams suite. As a certification system recognised by governments, third-level educational institutions, and employers in many parts of the world, these courses for Cambridge English exam preparation will assist students with their future goals of travel, study and work

Course Materials

A coursebook is required and will be available from DLTC.

Summer Junior Cambridge Course Dates

The summer junior Cambridge Exam courses runs between Monday 4th July 2022 and Saturday 29th July 2022 with the following available start dates.

Available start dates:

  • Monday 4th July 2022 for the complete 4 week course or for a partial 2 week course.
  • Monday 18th July 2022 for a partial 2 week course.
  • Saturday 29th July 2022 Cambridge First Examination

Note: DLTC can only register students, who attend a complete 4 week course, for the exam in Dublin on 29th July.

Summer Junior Cambridge Course Fees

PROGRAMME CODE 2 weeks 4 weeks
Comprehensive Course: incl. Cambridge English Course + Mixed Activities + Accommodation + Airport Transfers + Local Travel Ticket + Course Materials + DLTC Certificate + Welcome Pack SJA-DL-CAM €1,659 €3139
Comprehensive Course (no Accommodation; no Transfers): Cambridge English Course + Mixed Activities + Local Travel Ticket + Course Materials + DLTC Cert + Welcome Pack SJB-DL-CAM €950 €1,845
English Course Only: Cambridge English Course + Course Materials + DLTC Certificate + Welcome Pack (no Accommodation; no Transfers; no Activities; no Local Travel Ticket) SJC-DL-CAM €540 €1070
Course Book   €35 FREE!
Optional extras:    




–        Exam fees (includes Cambridge exam fees, DLTC guide to and from exam centre, and exam registration) Not available €200
–        Airport chaperone service on departure (complete check-in service, including signing all airline documents, bringing student to security gates, and waiting in airport until flight departs). €35 €35
–        Dietary supplement for special dietary requests (coeliac etc) €28 per week €28 per week
–        Extra night of accommodation (when available) €35 per night €35 per night


What’s included:

Classes (18 hours per week) X X X
Family Accommodation (includes all meals) X  
Airport Transfers (to and from airport) with “Meet & Greet” on arrival X  
Activities (4 afternoons & 2/3 evenings per week) X X  
Saturday Excursion – full-day X X  
Bus & Train Travel Ticket X X  
Welcome Pack X X X
Materials (Free book included with 4 week course) X X X
Course Report and Certificate X X X
24-hour Emergency Phone Number X X X
No extra registration fee!! X X X


When comparing prices please note that we include:

  • Airport transfers in Dublin & Local Transport Ticket in our standard SJA course
  • high quality activity programme with courses (SJA & SJB) e.g. kayaking, climbing etc

We do not include:

  • flights
  • personal, travel or medical insurance
  • Cambridge exam registration fees. To book the exam, accompany students to and from exam centre, and pay the exam fees, there is an additional charge of €200. DLTC can only arrange the exams for students who attend a course of not less than 4 weeks.


Minimum stay 2 weeks. Students should arrive at accommodation on Saturday or Sunday and depart on the same day of the week. 35euro per night applies for each additional night in accommodation.