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'I loved Ireland and DLTC. I made so many friends and learnt lots of English'
Marcus, Germany
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Winter - School Groups

English Courses with Activities

for School Groups

Dublin, Ireland

Age group: 12-18 years

September to June each year

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The English Classes >

While all of our group courses can be customised, we typically provide:
  • 20 classes (15 hours) of General English per week (Monday-Friday 09:15-12:30)
  • Experienced, native-speaking English teachers (qualified to Irish Department of Education standards)
  • Online assessment test before arrival (for stays of longer than 1 week)
  • A focus on fun, relevant and interesting social, cultural and historical topics in order to get students ‘speaking’ and practising the language they have learnt
  • Special focus on getting students ‘speaking’ and using the language successfully by focusing on topics relevant to the student
  • Maximum class sizes of 15 students per class
  • Content adapted to class levels and needs
  • All course materials
  • Weekly monitoring of progress (for stays of longer than 1 week)
  • A short piece of homework each week - this can involve getting students to prepare a presentation for class based on information they must find out from their host families or from other native-speakers of English and which is designed to help them exercise their English outside of class
  • End-of-course Certificate

Typical Weekly Class Schedule >

09:15-10:45 Introductions, Assessments (formal/informal), team building activities, speaking activities
11:00-12:30 Preview of this afternoon’s activity/excursion with pre-teaching of vocabulary Preparation of small presentation by students on some aspect of their hometown / country (music, sport, culture etc). Assignment of projects (in pairs) on some aspect of Ireland (culture, food, sport, music etc) which students will have to present at the end of the week
  • Review of yesterday’s class and afternoon activity
  • General English Class focusing on some aspect of grammar or language identified by teacher for extra work.
  • Fluency and Speaking Activities (games, quizzes, debates)
  • Preview of the afternoon’s activity/excursion with pre-teaching of vocabulary & language required
  • Investigation and Discussion of some Cultural, Social, Current Affairs topic
  • Traditional Irish song
09:15-10:45 General English Class
11:00-12:30 Review of the week and Presentations by students on their topic for the week.

We focus on 'Speaking' >

At DLTC English Language School, our belief is that you haven’t really learned a language until you can speak it. Many students arrive at our school with some ability to answer English grammar questions in books but with little experience in using that knowledge and actually speaking the language in front of a native speaker. Therefore, while our classes may cover some grammar, writing, listening and reading, our main focus is getting students to gain confidence to speak the language. We do this by focusing on relevant, real-world topics that are of interest to the student and that are matched to their level. Our aim is that at the end of the course each student will be able to talk about their experience in Ireland and that they will depart with better fluency, an increased vocabulary and a greater confidence in their use of English.
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