Online English Courses for Cambridge Exams at DLTC Language School Ireland
Online Cambridge English course at DLTC Language School Ireland
'I loved Ireland and DLTC. I made so many friends and learnt lots of English'
Marcus, Germany
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Cambridge Part-time English Courses Online

Online English Courses

Dublin, Ireland

Age group: 14-17 years; 18+ years

Apr-Jun 2020 & Sep-Dec 2020

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Online English Course Platform

Part-time Cambridge English Courses

About our platform - Zoom >

Our part-time Cambridge English courses now take place 'live' online from Ireland with one of our teachers via Zoom the popular online webinar and conferencing platform.

Please note that we are aware of the security problems relating to Zoom that have appeared in the media and we can reassure you that we are following the recommended procedures to ensure that our classes are private and secure. Please see section below on Student Safety

The platform has the following features:

  • Video & audio presence of all students and the teacher in the class
  • Interactive Whiteboard controlled by the teacher that can be shared for input from students
  • Chat feature among students and teacher which is controlled by teacher
  • Breakout rooms - so teacher can divide students into pairs and smaller groups for different kinds of activities
  • It's free to students! With no registration required!

What do I need? >

  • Any desktop/laptop computer; or IOS or Android device (i.e. smartphone); or tablet
  • Any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc)
  • Headset or mic and speakers
  • Broadband internet or wireless (3G/4G) connection
  • Link to meeting with username and password (supplied by teacher in advance)
  • parental consent - for under-18s
  • no class materials are required as they are supplied in advance of class by teacher by email

How do I connect? >

  • Install 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' on your phone, tablet or pc to access meeting:
  • over 18s: Login using google or facebook accounts is easiest
  • under 18s: parents should login for their children.
  • Access the meeting through the link provided by the teacher via email notification – there is also Meeting ID and password provided. You will be put in the waiting room and, once your teacher verifies you, you will be admitted to the class.
  • Before class starts teacher will email students with necessary materials for the class.

INSTALLATION NOTES: On your first time using Zoom, you may have to click OK a few times to accept Zoom T&Cs, to test your setup and to install some assisting sofware - we can arrange a pre-meeting before your first class to make sure that you are setup correctly and that you wont waste any of your time in your first class


There has been much discussion in the media recently about security issues related to Zoom classes. DLTC has updated and continues to update its Zoom class administration according to the latest security advice. Zoom also continues to update its security features. Accordingly:

  • classroom links are only sent to members of the class
  • usernames and passwords are set on classrooms
  • 'attendees' are admitted only to a private waiting room at first until the teacher verifies their identity and admits them to the classroom
  • file shares within chat and screen shares option are disabled by default - and the teacher sends all materials by email in advance of class start
  • DLTC continues to monitor security update announcements from Zoom

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