DLTC provides part-time online Cambridge English courses for those preparing for Cambridge English Exams (Advanced CAE and First Certificate FCE). Classes have a maximum of 8 students for excellent attention from our teachers. Courses are available 1 or 2 sessions per week (3/6 hours).

New courses start from 9th January 2023 – contact us now with the form here or send us a Whatsapp from this page!

*We’ll only use your contact details in relation to this request.

DLTC provides part-time online Cambridge English courses for those learning English and preparing for Cambridge English Exams (Advanced CAE and First Certificate FCE) . The classes have a maximum of 8 students per class for excellent attention from our teachers. Courses are available 1 or 2 sessions per week (3/6 hours).

These online Cambridge English courses are aimed at people based anywhere in the world aged 17 years or older who wish to improve their English and prepare for Cambridge Exams (eg. FCE, CAE). Whether you want to study abroad, advance in your work, improve your employments prospects, travel, or just develop your communication skills for everyday life, Cambridge will help you achieve your goals.

At the moment, DLTC offers the following two online English course options:
  • Cambridge First Certificate
  • Cambridge Advanced exams preparation.
If you’re not sure which level is for you and you want to develop the language skills needed to apply for university places, jobs and visas, then contact us to chat with our Cambridge Exams Trained Agent here at DLTC and find out what opportunities you can access by studying for and taking each Cambridge Exam. Whatever course you choose, our teachers are going to help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

We have genuinely small class sizes! On our standard online courses:

  • average class sizes of 6 students!
  • maximum class sizes of 8 students per class
*Most language schools have maximum class sizes of 15 students per class with an average of 13. *All of our courses, except for private 1-1 classes, will have a minimum class size of 4 students per class. If there are less than 4 students in any class, we will provide a more intensive alternative class.
We focus on teaching students to communicate effectively in English and to successfully pass their Cambridge English Exams.
All teachers are experienced teachers of English as a foreign language and are qualified to Irish department of Education standards. They are dedicated teachers – dedicated to helping you to communicate effectively in English and to achieve the goals you set for the course.
Before starting:
  • we will test your English knowledge with an online test
  • we will test your speaking ability with a telephone, zoom or whatsapp call
During the course:
  • we will have a Director of Studies available so that you can talk about your progress and ask for any other information you require during your course;
At the end of the course:
  • we will provide you with an end-of-course certificate with recommendations for further study.
  • we can book your Cambridge exam with our local exam provider here in Dublin
  • Genuinely small class sizes in comparison to other schools
  • We are a registered Exam preparation centre for Cambridge Advanced and FCE exams
  • Well qualified and experienced English teachers
  • We have our own Cambridge Exams Trained Agent here at DLTC so you can follow what opportunities you can access by studying for and taking a Cambridge Exam.
  • You can begin these courses at any time during the year and can continue with the course as long as you want or need. The shortest period is for 4 weeks but we recommend at least 12 weeks for students who wish to sit a Cambridge exam. You only have to pay for 4 weeks at any time – so if you want to continue at the end of 4 weeks, you just pay for the next 4 weeks.
  • Great value courses when compared with other top quality schools
  • We provide a very personal and responsive service

Cambridge English Qualifications and tests are recognised by over 25,000 educational institutions, employers and governments around the world.

Cambridge exams open doors to higher education and improve employment opportunities. Many Cambridge English Qualifications are also accepted for visa and study purposes in the UK, AustraliaUSA and Canada.

The content and exams are also designed to develop real-life English skills. They give you the communication skills for everyday life, work, study and travel. If you want to learn more about reasons to study for Cambridge, read why DLTC chooses to prepare students for Cambridge English Exams.

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Online English Class Schedules

Monday18:45 – 20:45*


Language skills. Introduction and review of grammar knowledge, language points and structures. Balanced practice of all four parts of the exam. So that class-time is used wisely, written assignments are given to students for completion outside of class –  for every 2 hours of class time, students are expected to do 1 hour of written work outside of class – this work is also corrected individually by the teacher outside of class-time with individual corrections, notes and tips provided.

*Times are Irish Standard Time (GMT in winter, GMT+1 in summer) 


18:45 – 20:45 *


18:45 – 20:45*



18:45 – 20:45*


Online English Course Platform (Zoom)

Our part-time Cambridge English courses now take place ‘live’ online from Ireland with one of our teachers via Zoom the popular online webinar and conferencing platform – with all safety features enabled. We also provide each student with an online area for the upload and correction of assignments. Learn more here:

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  • Security features: usernames, passwords, private urls, private waiting area, and disabled file shares (see Student Safety below)
  • Video & audio presence of all students and the teacher in the class
  • Interactive Whiteboard controlled by the teacher that can be shared for input from students
  • Chat feature among students and teacher which is controlled by teacher
  • Breakout rooms – so teacher can divide students into pairs and smaller groups for different kinds of activities
  • It’s free to students! With no registration required!
  • Any desktop/laptop computer; or IOS or Android device (i.e. smartphone); or tablet
  • Any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc)
  • Headset or mic and speakers
  • Broadband internet or wireless (3G/4G) connection
  • Link to meeting with username and password (supplied by teacher in advance)
  • parental consent – for under-18s
  • no class materials are required as they are supplied in advance of class by teacher by email
  • Install ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ on your phone, tablet or pc to access meeting:
  • over 18s: Login using google or facebook accounts is easiest
  • under 18s: parents should login for their children.
  • Access the meeting through the link provided by the teacher via email notification – there is also Meeting ID and password provided. You will be put in the waiting room and, once your teacher verifies you, you will be admitted to the class.
  • Before class starts teacher will email students with necessary materials for the class.

NOTE: On your first time using Zoom, you may have to click OK a few times to accept Zoom T&Cs, to test your setup and to install some assisting sofware – we can arrange a pre-meeting before your first class to make sure that you are setup correctly and that you wont waste any of your time in your first class

In order to provide a secure environment for our students and teachers, DLTC follows these safety procedures for our online English classes:

  • classroom links are only sent to members of the class
  • usernames and passwords are set on classrooms
  • ‘attendees’ are admitted only to a private waiting room at first until the teacher verifies their identity and admits them to the classroom
  • file shares within chat and screen shares option are disabled by default – and the teacher sends all materials by email in advance of class start
  • DLTC continues to monitor security update announcements from Zoom

Prices & Dates

Our Cambridge English and evening English courses are provided online. You’re welcome to join in. Classes take place over Zoom and it’s very easy to get started. Email us or message us here and we’ll help you get set up. During this time, there is no registration fee – you pay only the course fee. Online classes consist of 2 hours online session plus 1 hour homework per session which is corrected individually by teacher.

DLTC Online Cambridge English Courses (Cambridge Exam Preparation) for adults are currently available:

  • Winter term from 9th January 2023 to April and June 2023
  • Autumn term from 19th September 2023 till 19th December 2023.


4 Weeks 12 weeks

Cambridge First (FCE)

  • 3 hours per week
    (2 hours online class + 1 hour offline work)
  • Tuesday or Thursday



Cambridge First (FCE)

  • 6 hours per week
    (2×2 hours online class + 2×1 hour offline work)
  • Tuesday & Thursday



Cambridge Advanced (CAE)

  • 3 hours per week
    (2 hours online class + 1 hour offline work)
  • Monday or Wednesday



Cambridge Advanced (CAE)

  • 6 hours per week
    (2×2 hours online class + 2×1 hour offline work)
  • Monday and Wednesday



Course Registration Fee



Arrange a Personal Assessment

If you would like to have a free personal assessment or would like to visit us to find out more before you book, please contact us on or leave a message on 01-2301290 or whatsapp +353879837573 – we will call you back and arrange a suitable time and day for you to visit – all contact options are here: contact us

Book an Online Cambridge English Course

  1. Request a booking form for our Online Cambridge English courses from, compete and return to us.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of acceptance and an invoice with bank details for payment.
  3. Registration fee and first month’s fees must be received within 3 days of invoice in order to confirm reservation.
  4. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer to the bank details on the booking form. If you are making a Bank Transfers from outside the Eurozone, you must include an additional 7.50euro with each transfer you make to cover banking fees that we are charged by our bank.
  5. 12 week prices are only applicable when booking 12 weeks and does not apply to 4 week courses extended to 12 weeks.

Booking Terms & Conditions >

Full terms and conditions of booking may be found in our booking form or can be requested from or Whatsapp us from this page.