Why does DLTC provide preparation for Cambridge English exams?

Cambridge English Qualifications and tests are recognised by over 25,000 educational institutions, employers and governments around the world. And that’s why DLTC Language School provides courses for Cambridge English exams.Badge showing DLTC is a Cambridge Trained Education Agent 2019

So if you or your child is looking for better higher education and employment opportunities, then Cambridge exams are crucial.

Cambridge English Qualifications are also accepted for visa and study purposes in many countries including the US, Canada and UK.

But not only that,  the exams and course contents are designed to develop real-life English skills. So whether you want to improve your English for work, study, travel or general life, then Cambridge exam courses are for you!

Cambridge English Qualifications are recognised and trusted by organisations worldwide for their fairness, reliability and high quality.

There are approximately 2,800 authorised Cambridge English exam centres in 130 countries around the world. So Cambridge exams are not only widely-recognised but widely accessible. Plus this means that you can prepare for your Cambridge exam anywhere in the world (including in Ireland at DLTC or online with DLTC language school). Then you can sit the exam wherever you like .. maybe even in your hometown or in Dublin!

Cambridge exams test all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and are available at a range of levels. They are considered by employers, governments, and universities, to be reliable indicators of a person’s language ability.

Because Cambridge exams and certificates are internationally recognised, students are more motivated to achieve and be more motivated in class and study.

So if you want to study abroad, improve your employability, or just want to improve your English, then Cambridge English courses and exams are the path to achieving your dreams.

For information on current online Cambridge courses at DLTC Language School, see https://dltc.ie/online-cambridge-english-courses/

For more information on this article, see https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/learning-english/parents-and-children/information-for-parents/tips-and-advice/why-are-cambridge-english-qualifications-valuable/